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Whether you’re moving to a new facility, expanding, or liquidating existing assets, we have the expertise to procure, plan, manage a performance-charged work environment. We’re trusted by many corporate clients, government agencies, healthcare facilities, educational and institutional bodies, real estate developers and brokers, and the architectural and design community to provide the same high level of innovative and competitive single source solutions anyplace, anywhere.

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ONYX Equities

Onyx Equities acquired a former AT&T data center in Morris Township with the intent to reposition the property as a premier tenanted space. Onyx worked in conjunction with a Philadelphia design firm and BFI to design, budget and furnish all the common and amenity spaces in order to create a spectacular office complex. The concept was to create a property that every major tenant in the market would have to consider when shortlisting new corporate locations.

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Services: Consulting, Service & Warranty, Space Solutions

William Paterson - food court


William Paterson University

For 30 years, this space at William Paterson remained as is so it was well overdue for an update to show off the new and exciting future for this school. This building serves as the main facility on campus for both commuters and live-on students.

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Services: Consulting, Service & Warranty, Space Solutions

Work Pods


Union County

With COVID restrictions there was a need for contactless interviewing for the case workers and staff members with the public. It was our goal to create a safe workspace for employees that could accommodate meeting areas within the new guidelines for businesses.

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Services: Consulting, Service & Warranty, Space Solutions

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