At BFI, we understand that a sustainable workplace strategy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our dedicated teams of industry specialists craft furniture solutions tailored to the specific needs of your office, healthcare, education, or government environment. By leveraging our expertise, we design spaces that adapt to your unique requirements and promote sustainability and environmental stewardship, empowering your people and organization to thrive.

From concept to delivery and installation, our team of experienced project managers employs best practices and advanced software tools to oversee every aspect meticulously. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in our planning and installation strategies, ensuring your project meets expectations and aligns with green building principles. With a focus on budgeting, scheduling, and quality control, we provide a seamless transition that allows you to concentrate on your business.

At our core lies the team of dedicated individuals who work collaboratively with our clients, ensuring satisfaction in every aspect of a design. Our knowledgeable and relationship-focused team is equipped to support projects of any size, ensuring your needs are met with precision and care. Long after a project’s completion, our team stands beside you, offering support that echoes our commitment to sustainability and client satisfaction, highlighting our commitment to continued service.

Our space solutions are tailored to your unique needs. When we look at a space, we optimize the workspace and integrate sustainable practices with functional design. Our experts curate environments that enhance workflow, innovation, and collaboration while introducing eco-friendly materials.

Our certified installers uphold the highest standards of sustainability and professionalism during installation and delivery. They ensure that every product is delivered and assembled in accordance with green practices, coordinating seamlessly with site managers to minimize environmental impact. Our MillerKnoll Certified team is trained to handle relocations with meticulous attention to detail while maintaining a commitment to a pristine and operational workspace upon completion.

Considering your business’s future, we emphasize eco-friendly approaches in every step of relocation and reconfiguration, from the careful planning and preparation of the site to the final stages of assembly. Even after delivery, our commitment to the environment and your business continues with our comprehensive support and MillerKnoll-certified expertise, ensuring a sustainable transition to your new or reimagined space.

Over our 75-year history, we have partnered with MillerKnoll, a collective of dynamic brands. Together, we share a passion for sustainability and innovation. MillerKnoll understands the importance of balance in the workplace and is committed to designing impactful pieces that amplify output and contribute to the well-being of the individual worker. They craft environments that embody care, curiosity, and inclusive progress. This partnership embodies BFI’s mission to deliver spaces that shape a better future for all.