The foundation that BFI is rooted in is taking pride in your work, leading with integrity and treating everyone like family. This tour was designed to continue to grow this family, express our gratitude for your friendship and support, and of course celebrate golf together. Thanks for choosing to spend this time with us and become part of our family.

Rick Gelmetti (Lee & Associates), Mike Vedral (BFI), Lorenzo Lambiase (NAI Hanson)

We invite you to join the tour for a great golfing experience, to meet new friends, and to participate in a unique program with members of your profession. Looking forward to seeing you on the links!

Low Gross Division
  1. Tim Cadigan (Avison Young) – Champion
  2. Kate Granahan (CBRE)
  3. John Gianis (Avison Young)
  4. John LaRuffa (C&W)
Low Net Division
  1. Scott Bloom (Bloom Real Estate Group) – Champion
  2. Joe McMahon (Walsh Company)
  3. Michael McCarthy (Equity 3)
  4. Ron Kraft (Allied Realty)