December 7, 2022

Union County

With COVID restrictions there was a need for contactless interviewing for the case workers and staff members with the public. It was our goal to create a safe workspace for employees that could accommodate meeting areas within the new guidelines for businesses.

The team at BFI setup several goals to create the solution for Union County Social Services that included:

  • Add the Framery Service Pods
  • Easily accessible for handicap people
  • Block out sound
  • Keep things private
  • “Healthy” → people who tend to go here are likely to be sick since they don’t have health insurance, ect. So these are still important to have even when COVID is over
  • Comfortable
  • Different sizes for different people coming in
  • They are neat looking and easy to clean
  • Enhance the employees day to day life and client interactions

Taking in all the new restrictions COVID brought us, the county announced that this was a huge success in a press release boasting how this was a successful project and a turning point within the community. The team at BFI along with the the team. at the social services office worked together to ensure the safety of their employees was a number one concern while still providing a safe space for people coming in. Introducing new thoughts and techniques we were able to create 25 of these pods for daily use.

  • Framery Service Pods of all different shapes and sizes

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